1-110-0620 Speed Sensor Speedmeter Anemometer KA-N

1-110-0620 Speed Sensor Speedmeter Anemometer KA-N

This Speedmeter can measure the passing speed of a test ball or the like. The speed is automatically measured and displayed digitally from the time of passing through the two photogate sensors inside the main body. Speed indication is “Speed per second (m/s)” for Japanese students’ textbook. It also has a function to convert the measurement result to “Speed per hour (km/h)”. In addition to speed measurement, it also has a convenient stopwatch function and click sound function when an object passes.



  • Speed measurement of speed measurement motion. Large spheres (less than 40mmφ) can also pass through.

  • Sound the moment when the pendulum has passed through the continuous measurement without the need for motion reset of the pendulum.

  • Speed per second (m/s) ⇔ Speed per hour (km/h)



  • Velocity Measurment :Per second (0.00~99.99 m/s)  ⇔ Speed per hour (0.00~360.0km/h)
  • Cumulative Display :  0.00~999.9 (min.) Stopwatch Mode
  • Sensor : Photointerrupter (infrared LED photodetector)
  • Power Supply : AAA Batteris × 4pcs (excluding)
  • Size : 70 × 80 × 70 (mm) / 151g (Including batteries)