1-110-0101 Lever Experiment Kit with Weight MyTeko

1-110-0101 Lever Experiment Kit with Weight MyTeko (For Students)

Experiment Style Lever for Group Learning

  • Students can experience “the leverage principle” by changing the positions of the leverage point, fulcrum point, and action point.
  • Compact size suitable for group learning.
  • A tall base is adopted and 2L PET bottle can be suspended in a plastic bag.
  • The lever bar is equipped with a hook that makes it easy to hang the weight.
  • The lever bar has a scale of 1 to 3 according to the distance from the fulcrum, which makes it easier to provide guidance to children.
  • Sand bag which is safe even when the weight is dropped is included in this kit.

  • It has a safety stopper for bouce protection


Lever Pole : Steel coated by plastic / length 1m / Maximum load weight 30kgf / scale / hook for weight

Base : Steel coated by plastic / 400×234×434mm

Weight : Sand bag 5kg × 1pce