1-108-0140 DC Voltmeter ZVD

1-108-0140 DC Voltmeter ZVD

Color scale and easy-to-connect terminal adapters are used in conjunction with connection terminals.

  • The color scale shows which scale the connected terminal corresponds to.
  • Protect the instrument from overload with the meter overcurrent protection mechanism.
  • The dial is large and the scale arc length is as wide as 80 mm.
  • Terminal adapters that can easily connect troublesome terminals are included.


Measuring Range : 3ways for  -1~0~3V / -5~0~15V / -100~0~300V

Meter : Scale arc length 80mm / Color scale / JIS Class 2.5 / Movable coil / Taut band / Terminal adapter & Overcurrent protection function

Size : 115×136×95mm