1-109-0965 Programming Robot TrueTrue

1-109-0965 Programming Robot TrueTrue

Nurture programming thinking by arranging cards and various representations can be programmed !

  • Palm size available on desk

This is a palm-sized programming robot which easy to handle on the desk of ordinary classrooms.

  • Programming with card

This is an unplugged teaching programming robot that can be programmed by reading the instructions on the card.

It is easy to work on even for preschool children and special support schools.

  • Programmable on personal computers and tablets

It can be wirelessly connected to a personal computer or tablet for programming.

Wireless connection with Android/iPad via Bluetooth.

You can intuitively program cards while reading them with a dedicated app.

Even in Windows, it is connected wirelessly via the supplied USB dongle.

You can learn scratch-based blocked programming.



Available OS : iOS 10.0~ / Android 4.4~ / Windows 7~ (It has diffrent softawre for each OS)

Data transmission : Bluetooth

Programming : Card / Application / Software

Sensor : Accerelation (3axes) / Approaching sensor / Color sensor for line tracing / card slot

Battery : Lithium battery

Charging time : about 30 min.

Continuous operating time : about 90min at maximum (continuous use) / about 12 hours at maximum (power-saving mode)

Size : 52mmφ × 60mm (excluded antenna) / 59g

Accessories : TrueTrue x 1pce / Cards (38pcs 29varies) / USB cable / USB dongle / Stickers for color line tracing / Japanese stickers for cards