1-110-0080 Experimental Apparatus Dynamics BKH

1-110-0080 Experimental Apparatus Dynamics BKH

One for two functions! One vertical and horizontal collision experiment.

  • Friction adjustment mechanism

The frictional force applied to the pile can be adjusted, and a highly reproducible experiment can be performed by applying friction to the pile at 360 degrees.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Experimental Types

Two types of experiments, vertical and horizontal collision experiments, can be carried out in one unit by simply changing the placement of the laboratory.

  • Adopting a highly reproducible friction adjustment mechanism

We have adopted a mechanism that exerts a uniform frictional force on the pile, and have achieved high reproducibility. The frictional force can also be easily adjusted with an adjusting screw.

  • 50 g weight with clear results

Three types of weights are provided for each weight. Weights that differ by 50 g are used for clear results.

  • Installable speed sensor

By using speed sensor KA-N to measure the speed just before a collision, the relationship between the collision speed and the work amount can be examined.

*A speed sensor is required when conducting horizontal collision experiments.


Horizontal collision experiments are also possible.


Weight 50g 100g 150g 1pce each with carved seal
Friction Pile Friction adjustment mechanism
Function Vertical and horizontal collision experiment
Size 100x100x620mm Approx. 1kg
Accessories C type Clamp