1-110-0151 Pulley Experiment Apparatus KGO

1-110-0151 Pulley Experiment Apparatus KGO

Dynamic pulley experiments are possible !

  • A large pulley with a load bearing capacity of 250 kg and buckets for weights and weights are set, and dynamic work you can experiment.
  • As you increase the number of pulleys to two, you can see that the force to hang the weight is 1/2 and 1/4.
  • By using the attached hanging bracket, it is possible to hang a large pulley on a pipe of 38 mmφ or less for the experiment.



Pulley : Withstand load (250kg) / 58x35x138mm 3pcs

Safety Weights : 5kg Sand bag 3pcs

Hanging bracket :  mounting arrangement(under 38mm)

Accessories : Rope (4m / 1m) Bucket