1-110-0165 Pulley Experiment Apparatus KGS

1-110-0165 Pulley Experiment Apparatus KGS

Good to learn three-force hanging experiments.

  • An experimental set with a stand that enables smooth setting of single and double pulleys.
  • Hooks for hanging pulleys can be moved and fixed freely.
  • The weight of the moving pulley can be offset by the balance weight.
  • The distance traveled by the weight and pulley can be checked with the indicator rings attached to the struts on both sides.


Pulley : Single Pulley x 2pcs / Combined Pulley x 2pcs

Weights: 10g Weight x 6pcs / 20g Weight x 6pcs

Accessories : Hook x 5psc / Indicator ring x 4pcs / Pole x 4pcs / Base x 2pcs / Suspended weight x 2pcs / String x 2pcs / Square muff x 4psc

Size : Approx. 400x600mm