1-110-0177 Pendulum Experiment Kit NSF

1-110-0177 Pendulum Experiment Kit NSF

Smooth slide type with simple thread adjustment

  • The length of the pendulum thread can be smoothly changed from 15 cm to 1 m by simply sliding the pulley attached to the strut.
  • The yarn supporting the weight is only one, and it is possible to test a single pendulum which is similar to the test of textbooks.
  • The angle plate is the same scale as the elementary school textbook up to 30 degrees right and left.
  • The angle plate is blue and the pendulum thread (white) can be clearly read.
  • The center of the weight contains a line, making it easy to measure the pendulum length.



Weights : Metal (With center line / With hook) / 20g x 3pcs

Pendulum : Length(10cm~1.2m) / Slide adjustable / V-shaped String

Pole : 12φ x 800mm (400mm x 2pcs jointed)

Angle Plate : 30 degrees – 0 – 30 degrees / 5degrees scale /  Radius 115mm / Plastic

Base : Zinc die casting / 252 x 244 x 39.5mm / 1.7kg