1-110-0350 Hook’s Law Apparatus BDE

1-110-0350 Hook’s Law Apparatus BDE

Elongation and contraction of the spring !

  • A spring stand that experimentally observes the difference in spring elongation when a weight is added and the difference in elongation due to the strength of the spring.
  • When using up to 50g (10g × 5 pieces) of weight, it is possible to perform the experiment with the main unit extended.
  • The body can be easily extended and contracted by simply loosening and sliding the screw.
  • Since there are two hooks, it is possible to perform a comparative experiment by arranging two springs.
  • Spring test indicators (4g) are included to reduce experimental errors due to spring initial tension.


Springs : Maximum load for 150g (S150) / Maximum load for 200g (S200)   2pcs each

Weight : 10g x 5pcs / 20g x 5pcs

Size : Ordinal 170 x 285 x 520mm /  Strech 180 x 295 x 750mm / About 5kg

Materials : Scale board (Aluminum) / Base (Stainless Steel)

Accessories : Spring indicator x 2pcs