1-110-0572 Dynamic Cart D-500N (Green & Red Pair)

1-110-0572 Dynamic Cart D-500N (Green & Red Pair)

Multifunctional Cart onyl 500g !

  • Easy for teaching Dynamic carts, color with green and red.
  • This steel main body has 2mm thickness and it is much rubust.
  • Fook is including this kit for acceleration experiment.


  • 125g weight is including in this kit, and you can experiment with different weight putting this weight on this cart.


  • Repulsive spring is built in, and it is good for action-reaction experment. you can storage and fix this spring turning into main body when it’s not used.


  • These carts can be stacked.

  • It has a function to hold a tape.



Cart : Pair (Green / Red)

Size : 500g ± 0.5%  176 × 76 × 42 mm (Including a projection)

Material : Copper plate (Main Bodey) / Jura conveyor ring  Regin (Tires)

Function :  Repulsive Spring (3-stage adjustment) / Docking Funtion / One-touch tape pressing function /  Repulsive rod fixing function /  Hook strending function / Screw stacking function / Center checked marker