1-110-0874 Experimental Apparatus for Dynamics JSN-KAII (With Starter & Speed Sensor)

1-110-0874 Experimental Apparatus for Dynamics JSN-NAII (With Starter & Speed Sensor)

Drop the attached test sphere from above the slope and hit the piece of wood.

  • It is possible to estimate the kinetic energy of the experimental ball from the movement distance of the collided wooden piece.
  • The artificial error can be reduced as compared with the operation in which a starter capable of dropping the test ball by raising the gate is mounted and dropped directly by hand.
  • Support plates are attached to the slope rails so as to reduce distortion, and more accurate experiments can be carried out.
  • The struts have hooks every 5 cm, and by hooking the rails there, the height of the rails can be easily changed.
  • Three experimental spheres of the same diameter and different masses are included to compare differences in kinetic energy with mass.
  • This apparatus is equipped with a speed sensor, and it is possible to measure the speed of the experimental sphere before collision.


Ball 20mmφ diam. / Titanium, Iron, Glass 1pce each
Scale For Slope 0~20cm hook is attached ever 5cm / For Collision 0~42cm 1mm Scale
Rail Concave / Flexible plastic with support rod / 90cm
Starter Flip up type gate
Size 900x100x250mm (During Experiment) / Height 30mm when storage
Accessories Wooden block for collision concave / U type Metal fitting x 2pcs / Starter / Speed sensor