1-110-0898 Experimental Apparatus for Dynamics JSH

1-110-0898 Experimental Apparatus for Dynamics JSH

Slope and horizontal collision experiment Kit

  • A collision laboratory that can perform both potential energy and kinetic energy experiments.
  • Start the attached test sphere from the drop or launch position on the slope and hit the piece of wood. The dynamic energy of the experimental sphere can be estimated from the moving distance of the collided wood piece.
  • For potential energy experiments, a starter that can drop the incident ball by raising the gate can reduce artifacts.
  • The launch speed of the launcher can be switched to three levels, and a comparative experiment can be performed with a constant speed.

※ Speed sensor KA-N isn’t included in this kit.


Experiment Ball 20mmφ Diam. (Iron 36g / Titanim 19g / Glass 9.5g)
Scale For slope 0~20m (Hooks are attached every 5cm distance) / For collision 0~55cm with 1cm scale
Rail Concave style (Flexible plastic with a support board)  /  90cm