1-115-0575 Telescope Kit NS (Galileo Style)

1-115-0575 Telescope Kit NS (Galileo Style)

Create a Galileo telescope!

  • This is a craft set that uses two lenses and a paper tube to easily create a telescope. No glue nor scissors are required.
  • Fit the convex lens (objective lens) and the concave lens (eyepiece lens) into the two paper cylinders one by one, and slide the cylinders to adjust the focus. You can create a Galileo telescope with erected images.


Lens : Plastic convex lens (Diam.55mm / Focus lens 340mm)  / Plastic concave lens (Diam.18mm / Focus lens -95mm)  / With cardbords for fixing lens

Cylinder : Cardbord (For bjective : 19x25cm / For Eyepiece : 14x24cm)