1-117-0190 Monochord MN-3B

1-117-0190 Monochord MN-3B

The vibrations of the strings are clearly visible !

  • An experimental instrument with the same structure as a stringed instrument in which a string is stretched over the resonance wooden box so that a sound is emitted.
  • The two strings can be tightened separately, and the pitch and loudness of the sound vary depending on the width and tension of the strings.
  • Since the base plate is black, the vibration of the string (white) can be clearly seen.


String : White / Nylon / Wire diam. 0.8mmφ & 1.25mmφ 1pce each / Fastener

Resonance box : Black base plate / Vibration distance 60cm / Width 12cm / With mm sclae

Size : 675x120x65mm

Accessories : Koto bridge 2pcs / Replacement nylon string 1pce each