1-120-0486 Electricity Smart Kit PDH-A (with Hand Generator & Motor)

1-120-0486 Electricity Smart Kit PDH-A (with Hand Generator & Motor)

1) Students can learn the efficient use of energy using programming.

2) Power can be stored in the capacitor using a hand-driven generator, and the lighting of the bean bulb and LED can be controlled using a sensor.

3) Changes in electricity storage and consumption can be checked with a meter.

4) With strong and weak output functions that can confirm the effective use of energy.

5) Programming on a personal computer can be created with a sense of documentation, and can be set immediately without having to practice how to operate.

  • Experiment for experimental of electric energy using program


Sensor Temperature, Light, Human, Button (when PC keyboard is used) / Auto sensor / maximum 2 sensors are conntected at same time
Capacitor Electric capacity (10F) / Battery capacity meter (0~100%) / Backflow prevention circuit
Power Control 2 steps Current control (Strong / Weak) / Throughought time ~ 60sec. (Continuously)
Functions PC less function
Environmental Available OS : Windows 7 or later / USB connection
Power USB / AA battery x 4pcs (excluded)
Size 150x100x55mm
Accessories Miniature bulb / LED / Software (CD-ROM) / USB cable / Hand Generator (HG-3V) / Motor with propeller (Bagworm clip)