1-123-0007 Daniel Cell JFD

1-123-0007 Daniel Cell JFD

Transparent type that shows the reaction.

  • Daniel battery using a cellulose tube for dialysis instead of the sintered cylinder. Since the Daniel battery does not undergo polarization, the electromotive force is maintained for a long time.
  • The dust mite cell can be reproduced by immersing the electrodes in the left and right cells separated by a semipermeable membrane with copper sulfate and zinc sulfate respectively.
  • The semi-permeable membrane is secured with an O-ring to facilitate replacement of the membrane.
  • The same container can also be used to test voltaic cells.


Container : Acrylic / 85x80x90 mm

Electrode : Anode (Copper plate / 15x45mm Thickness 0.05mm x 2pcs) / Cathode (Zinc plate / 15x45mm Thickness 0.05mm x 2pcs)

Amount of reagent : Approx. 25mL each

Accessories : Cellulose tube for dialysis / Lead wire (Red / Black 1pce each) / Motor / Tray