1-141-0100 Moon Phase Model MO-1

1-141-0100 Moon Phase Model MO-1

Learning of full-moon and half-moon phenomena from sun and moon positions !

  • Experimental equipment that can explain the phenomenon of moon filling and chipping caused by the positional relationship between the moon, the sun, and the earth in a three-dimensional manner.
  • The sun rotates around the support shaft (Earth) and the moon also rotates, and the plate shows the lack of the full moon in 13 stages from the new moon to the full moon in accordance with the rotation of the moon.
  • You can also explain sunrise, sunset, meridian, solar eclipse, and lunar eclipse.
  • By changing the angle of the moon, it is possible to reproduce the appearance of the sun, the earth, and the moon as viewed from the universe and the appearance of the moon as viewed from the earth.
  • By changing the position of the sun, it is possible to explain the phenomenon in which the moon is visible in the daytime.



Indication : Sky, Horizon (2 colors division) / 450x450mm / with base

Moon : rotate by waxing and waning / 50mmφ

Plate : 13steps from new moon to full moon / 30 divisions / 400mmφ