1-148-0910 Biological Microscope FK-SD400 ( Long Focus)

1-148-0910 Biological Microscope FK-SD400

Kenis original long-focus lens

  • A microscope of “focusing with one handle”.
  • A long focus lens is adopted for the 40x objective lens. Since the distance between the lens and the slide glass is more distant than that of the conventional lens, the contact between the lens and the slide glass during focus adjustment is reduced and damage is prevented.
  • Safety functions such as the stage stopper and slip handle mechanism are enhanced.
  • FK-SDL type is equipped with a reflector and a battery-powered LED light source, and can be used differently depending on the situation in which it is used.


Magnification : 40~40X

Eyepeice : Wide View (WF10 x) Field Number(18)

Objective Lens : DIN 4x 10x PlanLD40x (Long Focus : WB: 3.2mm)

Lens Barrel Type : Monocular 45Degrees lens Barrel   360 round  Length 160mm

Focusing Unit : Coarse movement handle (with slip handle mechanism) Stage stopper mechanism simple focus line

Diaphragm : Rotary plate diaphragm

Stage : Rectangular fixation (Clenmel with spring)

Lightning Apparatus : Flat / Concave surface

Size : 140x180x360mm Appro.2.3kg

Accessories : Containment Box 195x430x325mm / Dust cover