3-722-0340 / 3-722-0341 Hot Plate NHS Series

3-722-0340 / 3-722-0341 Hot Plate NHS Series

The temperature accuracy is high, and the temperature is maintained stably even at high temperatures.

The body is designed with less heat dissipation to the exterior.

It can also be used as an aluminum bead bath.

*Flasks are not included

Code 3-722-0340 3-722-0341
Model NHS-300 NHS-450
Heater Capacity 750W 900W
Plate Size 338x238x25mm 388x288x25mm
Temperature Range 50~250℃
Temperature Accuracy ±5℃ (Center of Plate, When no load & 250℃)
Temperature Adjustment Liquid Expansion Type
Plate Material Alminum (Hard Anodized Alumite Finishing)
Power Supply AC100V  50/60Hz  7.5A AC100V  50/60Hz  9A