Disposable Polyethylene Gloves / Sakuramen

Disposable Polyethylene Gloves

Just Fit Function
* Just fitted to your hands by pulling around your wrist before using
* Because you can work with a feeling of bare hands, you can improve your work efficiency
* For all hand size
Manufacturing only at our own plants
* Thorough sanitation manangement and strict inspection
Take-out port from two directions up and down
* The glove can be removed from the wrist (downward), so that the glove is not soiled and can be used safely and with peace of mind.



S M L LONG, M LONG, L w/Lubber
A 22 24 26 24 26 24
B 29 29 29 38 38 60
C 3.5 4 4.4


* Dioxin does not occur even if burned
* Environmental Hormone Problems Clear
* We use materials that do not contain lead or tin



embossed Our unique texturing process makes it difficult for viscous substances to adhere, and it also has a high anti-slip effect. The color is white, pink with a gentle impression, and blue, which makes it easy to distinguish contaminants. There are also long-type and back embossed types that reduce hand stickiness.
standard poliythylene It is strong enough to withstand prolonged work in which force is applied to the fingertip.
strong A With reasonable pricing, it is perfect for customers who use a lot anyway.
super strong This is an ultra-powerful product that has increased its strength from three to four times that of conventional products to customers who cannot be assured of their strength.
long glove with lubber Protect the cuff and shoulder mouth for a long enough size to 60 cm shoulder.



Q: Where is it made?

A: All materials are made in Japan, and no subcontracting is used.
We manufacture in our own clean room.


Q: What is the material?

A: It is made of polyethylene that is recognized as safe under the Japan Food Sanitation Law.
Recycled materials are not used. It can be treated as burning waste.


Q: How about hygiene?

A: During both manufacturing and packaging.
It is shipped after strict inspection, so you can use it with peace of mind.
In addition, the package is equipped with a “top and bottom take-out opening”
that allows you to pull out the glove from the wrist, so you can use it without soiling the glove.


Q: What do you think of a global-friendly glove?

A: Because of the polyethylene gloves, no toxic chlorine gas or dioxin is generated even when burned.



<Particularly recommended for the people who…>

* feel pain in wrist caused by the anti-slippage ring rubber bites
* be likely to release their gloves and have pulled them up many times during work
* don’t have the size to fit themselves and difficulty of working with gloves
* have the idea that polyethylene gloves can break quickly
* be worried about contamination of foodstuffs
* want to color-code by use
* with anxiety about hygiene
* want to make the glove easier to handle after use
* stress about crafed hand caused by rubber


<How to wear>

(1) Wear the glove to the base of the finger so that it fits firmly. Then, making a fist.

(2) Pull the glove to conform to the shape of the hand. (outside, inside, right and left)

(3) Well fitted !