ELEPAK (stainless steel bag)

ELEPAK (stainless steel bag)

Stainless steel foil in the form of a bag can be used for heat treatment of items that require prevention of oxidation and combustion phenomena caused by heating in air.

【Applications of ELEPAK】

  • Non-decarburizing heat treatment of steel.
  • Vacuum heat treatment of steel (no vacuum furnace is required).
  • Brightening of copper alloy, aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals.
  • Silver brazing, brass brazing, copper brazing, etc.
  • In addition, heat treatment of objects that need to prevent oxidation and combustion by heating in air.

〔Features of ELEPAK〕

  • Stainless steel foil specially processed into a bag shape
  • It can be heated and cooled as it is after sealing, so bright heat treatment is possible.
  • Prevents oxidation and decarburization of the work, eliminating surface rough-ness and insufficient hardness, contributing to labor savings in the finishing process.
    ※Effects vary depending on processing conditions. Not all effects are guaranteed.
■Vacuum method (10 bags / set)
Model Dimensions(mm)
A-4 100×200×0.06
B-4 200×250×0.06
C-4 200×300×0.06
D-4 300×350×0.06
E-4 300×450×0.06

※ A vacuum pump is optionally available.