High Volume Air Sampler Model HV-500R-4S ( 090130-304)

High Volume Air Sampler Model HV-500R-4S (090130-304)

The HV-500R-4S is an air sampler combined with PM4 particle size separator and designed for suction rates of 100 to 800 L/min.
It is compact to simplify on-site sampling, measurements and transport.
It also enables dioxin sampling if optional parts are attached to the main unit.

Item Code 090130-304
Model HV-500R-4S
Standard Suction Flowrate 500 L / min
Particle Separation Characteristics PM4 / (4μm particles)
Flowrate Detection Differential pressure detection system
Suction Pump Brushless blower
Power Supply 180V AC to 264V AC, 5A
Size W425×D200×H270 mm
Weight Approx. 8.0kg