High Volume Air Sampler Model HV-RW (80130-1201 / 080130-1203)

High Volume Air Sampler Model HV-RW
(80130-1201 / 080130-1203)

This weatherproof sampler is intended for installation in order to collect toxic substances in the air at high flowrates.
It has a wide flowrate range and can be used for both dust and dioxins by replacing the components.
The folding design is convenient for transport and storage.

Folded up HV-RW

Item Code 080130-1201 080130-1203
Model HV-RW for Aerosol HV-RW for Dioxins
Standard Suction Flow Rate 1000L / min 100 or 700L / min
Configurable Flow Rate Range 100 to 1200L / min
Flow Rate Detection Differential pressure detection method
Suction Pump Brushless blower
Power Supply 90V AC to 132V AC, 180V AC to 264V AC, 10A
Size In use : W575×D575×H1420 mm
Sampling port height : 1210mm (from installation surface)
Folded up : W575×D575×H960 mm
Weight Approx. 31kg
Accessories Filter case × 1, Through Pipe × 1 Filter case × 1, Shuttle tube × 1, Quartz fiber filter × 10 sheets, Polyurethane foam × 10 sheets